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Australia 2020 Summit – Initial Report

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The (initial) report from the Australia 2020 summit has been released.

It says this:

“By 2020 Australia will be making a major contribution to a comprehensive global response to climate change, including working with our partners on clean energy. Australia will have dramatically reduced our emissions, and communities, regions and business will be actively assisted to adopt the unavoidable consequences of climate change.”

But how will those emissions of greenhouse gases be “dramatically reduced”? There is essentially nothing in the report indicating that much thought has been given at all to how those emissions will be reduced on an appropriate chronological scale.

What’s more, astonishingly, there is no mention – no mention at all – of nuclear energy in the report. There is no “nuclear energy is good”, no “nuclear energy is bad”, no “no, we must not waste our resources with nuclear energy”, no “we should look into the nuclear energy option” – absolutely nothing!

What exactly have these delegates been doing, for goodness sake?

Those anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions aren’t going to mitigate themselves.

Written by Luke Weston

April 20, 2008 at 9:00 am

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