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Anti-nuclear photo of the day.

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I found this interesting photo headlining a post on an established emotionally-motivated full-of-sound-and-fury-signifying-nothing anti-nuclear activism blog today. I won’t mention it by name, but I’m sure you know the one I mean.

Look – it’s clearly obvious! Simpsons-esque concrete hyperboloidal cooling towers – it’s a Nuclear plant!

Nuclear power – obviously equates to dead people! Vast numbers of people, all dead because of the evils of the nuclear plant!

That is, until the reader notices the smoke-belching stacks clearly present in the photograph. Nuclear plants don’t have those!

Unless I’m very much mistaken, that looks like a coal-fired power plant to me.

Written by Luke Weston

December 17, 2007 at 5:27 am

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