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Technical terms, unit conversions and calculations.

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I use technical terms, mathematics, physical units and so forth a lot when writing about nuclear and energy issues – I think it’s extremely important not to gloss over the technical terms.

Anyway, I understand that there could well be people out there, interested in these issues (that’s great, the more interest the better), and that some people might not have experience with the technical and mathematical terminology. I apologise if anyone in that category has ever found that my work isn’t as accessible or understandable as we’d like.

The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (their abundant anti-nuclear bias should be immediately obvious) has a series of informative pages pitched at a non-technical audience, covering unit conversions, scientific notation, SI prefixesradiation measurement and doses and an extensive glossary of relevant terms.

I think these resources aren’t too bad, for what they’re supposed to achieve, so I hope someone out there finds them useful.


Written by Luke Weston

August 4, 2007 at 8:05 am

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